The year is finally coming to an end… 

And while no one could have predicted 2020 or the events that took place, what we do know for certain is that top electric vehicle stocks have been moving higher at a lightning fast pace. 

Some of the top electric vehicle stocks and rechargeable battery sectors are up 10 times (and even more) compared to where they started in the beginning of the year. 

What is equally amazing is that traditional energy stocks have underperformed the overall stock market and have even taken big losses to boost. 

There’s just no way to deny what’s happening. The shift from traditional energy and combustion continues to build momentum, and there’s a good chance we’ll see a similar type of momentum in top electric vehicle stocks going into 2021. 

Supercharge Your Profits With My Top Electric Vehicle Stocks 

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Head Trader Roger Scott

But what’s most remarkable is that the vast gains in electric vehicle stocks came during the time when Republicans that favor traditional energy stocks controlled the economy. 

And if in fact President-elect Joe Biden takes office in January (which seems to be the likely scenario right now), there’s a good chance that the regulatory environment will be even friendlier toward nontraditional energy sources. 

And that should call for even more upside in what has been one of the best-performing sectors on Wall Street in recent history. 

That’s why I want to highlight two of my favorite electric vehicle stocks that offer strong upside potential in comparison to traditional energy companies. And most importantly, these top vehicle stocks are poised to trade higher regardless of the political climate. 

In fact, electric vehicle related stocks are showing strong global growth that’s causing a massive disruption in traditional technology companies that should continue moving forward over the next few years and possibly the next decade.

What do you think? Do you like either top electric vehicle stocks I mentioned in today’s video? Sound off with your response to all this down in the comments below. 


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