Are stocks safe? 

Given how most stocks are overvalued right now, it’s no surprise that the majority of traders are a little cautious.

But there is a special group of stocks that my trading partner Lance Ippolito is loving. They are slowly-but-surely trending higher and considered a “safe haven” in times of uncertainty. 

They aren’t flashy or sexy, so they don’t get much TV time. But today he’ll show you why they might deserve a spot in your portfolio.

He’s even reviewing a few names he is watching.

Speaking of hidden trading strategies… two incredible traders, Roger Scott and Josh Martinez, just went LIVE to reveal one of their own. 

Here’s a hint: it’s a little-known technical indicator that turns losing traders into huge winners — for instance, a 60% loser could turn into a 60% winner. 

That’s huge! And they’re about to reveal how to spot these special setups before the crowd. 

Click here to watch the replay

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