It has been a volatile year. In fact, it still is. 

We’ve seen almost everything ranging from a U.S. presidential election, to COVID-19 and even a major government stimulus package. 

So given the current status of the economy, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that traders and investors are already starting to search for the best stocks to watch  in 2021. 

Since it’s my job to come up with new ways for my readers to make more money, I’ve decided to give away three stocks on the top of my list.

So without further ado, let’s get started…

The 3 Best Stocks to Watch in 2021

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Head Trader Roger Scott

The first stock on my list of stocks to watch in 2021 is United Rental (NYSE: URI)

United Rental is a company that rents equipment to a diverse customer base, including construction and industrial companies, manufacturers, utilities, municipalities, homeowners and government entities in the U.S. and Canada. 

And it just so happens to also be the world’s largest equipment rental company, with nearly 13% of the North American market share as of 2019. 

United Rentals’s stock is up more than 28% in the past month alone, reaching a 52-week high on December 2. Analysts are even saying the stock could see a profit growth of 4% in 2021, and that it has a price target of $300 per share. That’s way above the current price of the stock.  

But United Rental isn’t the only stock to watch in 2021 I’m talking about today…

While the next stock on my list hasn’t hit its 52-week high like United Rental just yet, believe me when I say it could send your trading portfolio skyrocketing. You see, its shares have exploded over 20% in the past 30 days. If that’s not a stock to have in your portfolio in 2021, then I don’t know what is. 

Now what about the third stock on my short list of stocks to watch in 2021? 

If you’ve been keeping up with my daily videos, then this stock to watch in 2021 shouldn’t be any surprise to you at all. I actually mentioned it about a month ago in this video. The stock is already up 25%-plus over the past 30 days and I’m expecting even more upside in the first (and possibly second) quarter of 2021. 

Check out my short video below to get the last two tickers on my list of stocks to watch in 2021 and be sure to leave a comment in the section below before you head out.