Lately, I’ve been selecting my favorite stocks to help us ride out the current economic storm, but yesterday… I stumbled across an article about a popular ETF. 

When I looked at the constituents, I was shocked to see that almost 80% of my choices are in this group. In fact, they’re even predicted to outperform the broad indices over the next six months! 

So, instead of focusing on stocks, let me show you a few ETFs I’m loving right now…


To gain an edge during this market crash, it almost feels like you need to be able to predict the future… 

But what if I told you that I have the next best thing?

You see, hedge funds and even algorithms can be fairly predictable. When a few technical factors line up, you can be almost certain that a stock is about to be bought up by institutional investors.

These three stocks just went “on the clock” and look ready to make a serious move higher, and I’m ready to give away their names, tickers, and review their setup. 

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