If you’ve been following the news, then you know the White House reached an infrastructure deal between Democrats and Republicans… 

They keep going back and forth, as per the usual political rancor on Capitol Hill these days, but a deal is supposedly still in place. So as stock market expert and Forbes contributor Adam Sarhan is about to explain, now is a great time to look at stocks that will benefit from infrastructure spending.

This is a massive spending bill totaling about $1.2 trillion to help rebuild infrastructure in the United States, including more than $500 billion in new spending.

About $312 billion will go to transportation projects like roads, electric vehicles, airports, public transit and so on. Another $266 billion will go to water, broadband and power grid projects.

Stocks That Will Benefit From Infrastructure Spending

When it comes to stocks that will benefit from infrastructure spending, the first name Adam is looking at is American Tower Corp. (NYSE: AMT).

AMT is a real estate investment trust, or REIT, and it blasted off after a big pullback in March… 

This is a volatile but strong stock, and what this company does is cell phone towers. It also does wireless TV, radio and broadcast companies, and then 5G as it comes out — basically everything that goes up in the air and transmits signals. 

This is an evergreen business that will be around forever, and it’s just the first stock that will benefit from infrastructure spending. Check out Adam’s short video where he’ll dive into the other seven names.

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