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Moving on to today’s stock market recap…

The market rose Thursday morning on better-than-expected earnings results from Meta Platforms Inc. (Nasdaq: META).

The social media giant shot 20% higher in premarket trading on news of a fourth-quarter revenue beat, and $40 billion stock buyback.

The news lifted other big-cap tech names as well, sending Alphabet Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOGL) up more than 4% premarket, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN) up 3% and Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) up 1%.

All three of those tech giants report after the bell Thursday.

And following the Federal Reserve’s 0.25% rate hike on Wednesday, investors are now looking to Friday’s jobs report for signs the economy is cooling, which could mean the Fed might take future rate hikes off the table.

In this morning’s stock market recap video, I’ll discuss if the Fed is changing its tune or delaying the inevitable… if Alphabet and Apple earnings will bomb or shoot to the moon… an update on the bond market and what to expect next… which sector is thriving… which sectors are overbought and need to cool off quickly… why I’m getting more bearish on the tech and communication sectors… plus my top ETF and option pick!

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