Coronavirus cases continue to climb, we’re transitioning to a new government and many people are wondering what the heck the stock market will do this year. Luckily, Joy of the Trade’s Jeff Zananiri and I sat down for our mid-week roundtable to give you our stock market analysis for 2021.

Earlier in the week, we gave some solid tips on how to keep your money safe as you trade this year. 

Today, however, we’re looking at a broader picture.

There are a lot of factors to consider when thinking about your stock market analysis for 2021. The Green New Deal, new stimulus, the vaccine and a ton more.

One big thing we’re seeing is the arrival of a blow-off top in some sectors that have been  driving the bull market. And that tells us a correction is likely coming. 

As we’ve said before, the FAANG stocks were a major upward force on the market as COVID-19 forced people to be at home more often.

Our stock market analysis for 2021 shows those stocks are tiring out, and that is going to slow down the market quite a bit.

Takeaways From Our Stock Market Analysis for 2021

Jeff and I seem to be a little more negative than other people this year. The general stock market sentiment still looks like it is anticipating a COVID-19 free world — and soon.

But our stock market analysis for 2021 doesn’t agree with that.

This pandemic, just like trading, is not a binary event. The virus did not come and ruin the world for a year, only to just disappear with a snap of the fingers. The same applies to how quickly things return to normal.

For example, 60% of at-home workers have reported they were more productive. How can companies expect people to return to the office when they were more efficient at home?

This virus is going to linger, and this market is going to correct itself. 

So sit down with Jeff and me to look at our stock market analysis for 2021 and, as a bonus, a few trades we recommend.

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