It’s finally happening … regulators are coming down on offshore brokers.

Over the weekend, SureTrader informed clients that they’re shutting down this week. Clients received two options: Closing their accounts or having them automatically transferred to a new broker called F1Trade.

If you’re with SureTrader, should you find another broker or transfer to F1? I have strong opinions here. Check out today’s video for my take on the matter.

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When it comes to brokers, cheap and easy doesn’t necessarily mean good. And the deal you think you’re scoring on lower commissions could end up costing you a fortune in the long run.

Which broker do you use? In today’s video, I’ll tell you which brokers I like most and why I like them. [Note: I don’t have any affiliate relationships with any of them. I just want to help my followers make smart moves.]

Here’s the blunt truth: Most people who opt for cheap brokers aren’t very good traders. If you need to worry about saving a few bucks on commissions, you’re probably not confident about your trading skills.

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