We’re currently watching one of the most polarizing elections in U.S. history. As investors and risk managers, we are preparing for all possible scenarios to trade accordingly. There are many differing opinions on how this market will react to each candidate and what changes they would implement if in office the next four years. So let’s dive into what to expect from this election.

What to Expect from This Election

Several people think another four years of the Trump administration would mean great things for the natural resources markets like oil and fracking. The overall thought process is that a Trump White House would mean better things for the stock market in general.

A Biden presidency would likely mean great things for sectors such as solar power, major performers in the green energy markets and cannabis stocks.

There’s no wonder why we’re seeing so much curiosity as to what we should expect from the election results.

It was George Washington who opposed the formation of political parties, once saying he felt such parties would divide the nation. 

Boy was he right… 

We find ourselves now living in that divided nation Washington was so afraid of. And now everyone is nervous to see how the losing candidate’s followers will react to any negative news for them. 

In fact, shop owners around the country in cities like Chicago and New York are already boarding up their windows. This is due to concerns of riots in those major metropolitan areas.

There are a lot of different opinions when it comes to what’s best for our nation right now. That’s why joined Midas Letter founder James West for his weekly roundtable. We’re discussing how he feels the markets will react to each candidate’s policies.

Watch the full interview now to see what the market has been pricing in and how it’ll react to the new presidential term.


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