The top pot stocks for 2021 have actually been making big moves ever since the first U.S. presidential debate took place on Sept. 29. 

The reason for that is obvious: With a Democratic president, there would be a strong possibility for marijuana to be legalized on a federal level, or at least gain more popularity. 

And with Democrats now controlling both the White House and Congress, I’m seeing a lot of potential upside in this sector, which is why I’m giving away the four top pot stocks for 2021 — and every investor will want to know about them. 

Disclaimer: All of these stocks are over-the-counter stocks. That means you’re not going to be able to buy options unless you buy them at the exchange they’re listed on. However, most are listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) so you could buy the options there. 

The 4 Best Top Pot Stocks for 2021 

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Head Trader Roger Scott

The first company on my list of top pot stocks for 2021 is Green Thumb Industries. 

Green Thumb Industries Inc. (OTCMKTS: GTBIF) is a national cannabis packaged goods company that manufactures and distributes a wide variety of cannabis products, including Beboe, Dogwalkers and Dr. Solomon’s. It also owns multiple cannabis stores called Rise and Essence. 

If you look at its six-month chart, this top pot stock for 2021 is clearly breaking out and making a multi-year high. In fact, Green Thumb Industries is now trading above its 2018 price level. 

And if you take a look at the ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF (MJ), an exchange-traded fund that acts like a mutual fund with multiple stocks, you’d find that Green Thumb is probably in the top 3 pot stocks. 

I wouldn’t even be surprised if the price of this top pot stock for 2021 shot up 20% to 30% within the next few quarters. 

But Green Thumb Industries isn’t the only top pot stock for 2021 I’m excited about today… 

If you’re one of those subscribers that has been keeping up with my daily videos for quite a while, then my next top pot stock for 2021 won’t be any surprise at all. 

It just so happens to be the first and leading medical cannabis company in the state of Florida, where I live. It’s also one of my all-time favorite stock picks, and a top pot stock I’ve been telling people to look out for two years now. 

Check out my short video below to hear all about Green Thumb Industries and the other top pot stocks for 2021 that you’ll want to pay close attention to. 

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