Folks, I know volatility is extreme, markets have taken a big hit lately and on top of that most of the country is self-quarantining. It’s a lot…

But I’m here to remind you that this won’t last forever. 

The peak is supposed to hit in about three weeks, and after that things should begin to move a lot smoother — in our personal lives and in the market.

Does that mean now is the time to jump into the market with both feet and buy up “cheap” stocks?

I don’t think so… there’s one thing I need to warn you about. And if you don’t listen to what I’m about to tell you in today’s video, you just might regret it. 

Market crashes and extreme volatility seem to be the new norm nowadays…

To help the investors and traders that are struggling right now, Tom Busby — the world’s #1 pre-market trader — and I are teaming up to bring you one lucrative strategy that you can use in this intense market.

It’s called 7 a.m. Super Surges and traders are using it to potentially earn a steady stream of income — no matter what the market is doing.

If you’re looking for a way to get your portfolio back on track, I advise you watch this presentation.