The “inside day pattern” is one of my favorite chart patterns that every trader needs to see.

This pattern involves looking for a stock that has made a 50-day high and then seeing two subsequent days where highs are lower and lows are higher, indicating that the days are inside each other.

Inside days show a narrowing of the range and lower volatility levels, making it a good sign of relative strength and potential breakouts.

Trading inside days allows for low-risk entries and the ability to ride the trend momentum.

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  • The inside day pattern occurs when a stock’s highs get lower and lows get higher after making a 50-day high.
  • This pattern resembles a mini triangle and signifies price congestion and consolidation.
  • Inside days lower volatility levels, reducing risk and making it an effective strategy for buying breakouts in the direction of the trend.
  • Stop orders can be used to enter and exit trades, maintaining low risk while riding uptrend momentum.
  • Inside days are currently observed in stocks like Alibaba, Twitter, and the semiconductor index (SMH). The VXX and UVXY are potential options for short positions.

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