News can happen at any time and change your whole portfolio. That’s what happened Monday when the big announcement came that Microsoft bought Nuance.

There’s been a lot of activity surrounding both parties as of late.

Microsoft has reportedly been in talks to acquire several companies, including Discord and the attempt at TikTok this past year…

And over the past two weeks, Future of Wealth Head Trader Lance Ippolito has seen tons of call buying in Nuance Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: NUAN), a name seen frequently on his Weekly Blitz Alerts Daily Market Color.

Then, over the weekend… Boom!

As of Monday, April 12, the company has been bought by tech giant Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT). So today I thought I’d let Lance explain what this takeover means for us and how we can stay ahead… and safe!  

Microsoft Buys Nuance: A Deep Dive

First things first… For those unfamiliar with the name, Nuance is a technology company specializing in voice recognition. Much of its sales are made in the healthcare markets.

Microsoft bought Nuance at $56 per share, totalling about $16 billion ($19 billion including debt). That was 23% above the asking price at Friday’s close. 

That gives Microsoft a big leg up in the healthcare sector.

Not only that, but it gives Lance’s Blitz Alerts service a big leg up as well…

On March 22, over 12,000 of the May calls came across the tape. Today, that would be a $2 million bet.

This is why Lance loves trading options… specifically institutional order flow. News can happen any time that can make your portfolio and your year.

Check out Lance’s video below to see exactly what’s going on in his Blitz Alerts system after Microsoft bought Nuance… You don’t want to miss it!

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