If you’ve been watching all of my videos, then you already know that I love REITs.

They’ve been a longtime favorite of mine because they offer a steady (and reliable) income stream for investors… 

That leads us straight into today’s video! 

I’ve been increasingly bullish on a specific group of REITs, and lately, I’ve had my eyes glued to these two stocks… 

One of the smartest ways to gain an edge in today’s market is to buy stocks right before Wall Street pours millions of dollars into them. 

While that sounds like you’d need a crystal ball, it’s actually pretty easy to identify those stocks ahead of time. 

At least, it is when you have an indicator that allows you to do just that!

Unlike just about every trading indicator out there that tells you about the past, this one can show you what’s next… while helping you increase overall profits, reduce risk, and time your trades. 

There’s some very time-sensitive info you need to know — like the #1 trade I’m watching right now.