“Roger, is the U.S. economy going to fall into a recession in 2020?”

It’s a great (and extremely important) question and it’s one that everyone is asking me.

Instead of giving you a simple yes or no, I’m going to reveal the three dynamic factors that will determine the fate of the economy and market. It’s what I’m keeping an eye on as we enter the new year.

Regardless, you should expect volatility to increase. That means it should be a lucrative year for nimble investors, and a rough one for passive, buy-and-hold investors. 

The U.S. falling into a recession is just one of the ten possible scenarios I’m explaining in my 2020 Wealth Blueprint.

I’ll be covering all the “what ifs” that could occur in 2020 and the best way to profit from each possibility.

And I’ve even put together a trading roadmap and several trading strategies that could crush the market no matter what comes next.