The Federal Reserve has spoken, and the Nasdaq is down over 100 points premarket Thursday — that’s not random!

We had Kroger earnings this morning before the open, and Adobe after the close. We also have jobless claims, which came in basically unchanged at 262,000 — but about 20,000 claims higher than the four-week moving average… not good! 

However, retail sales came in strong at 0.3% versus expectations of -0.2%. For May, excluding autos, the number is 0.1%, excluding autos and gas, it was 0.4%. 

In today’s all-new video briefing, I’ll discuss whether tech is overdone or if there’s more upside to go… what momentum levels are pointing to right now in speculative stocks… the number of stocks showing overbought values… the best sector to be in right now… the best option to trade given the current economic scenario… and an update on the bond market and what to expect next… an update on volatility and whether it should trade higher in the near term.

P.S. The market may be on a roll right now, but looking at the bigger picture…

I can’t think of a time in recent memory where it’s been harder to get ahead financially, which is what we all want. 

Everyday folks are still dealing with inflation, and we could see more banks collapse, which would be bad news for stocks again. 

The Fed didn’t raise rates Wednesday, but it was more hawkish than most folks would like. And we could see another rate hike in six weeks — also bad news!

More and more, people are leveraging what I like to call “capital injections” that are pushing stocks higher, and fast — I’m talking about overnight!

And these injections are hitting stocks every single day of the week…

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