Fact: Wall Street does NOT want you to know what it’s up to. The whales use all types of tricks to hide their trades.

The game is completely rigged to keep the little guy in the dark.

Because if the little guy knew how to piggyback Wall Street trades, the super-powerful insiders would lose millions of dollars.

This is why so many Main Street investors lose money — even when they do their research, comb through spreadsheets, and spend hours and hours in front of their computer.

But that all ends in 2 days…

Several years ago, I decided to use my 20+ years of trading experience to try and decode how Wall Street whales (giant institutions, hedge funds, brokers, etc.) make their moves.

I hired some of the smartest people I could find to help me: a team of two MIT math whizzes, an aeronautics specialist, and more.

And we dug deep — performing over 4,000 backtests and various versions of different formulas. I even invested tons of my own money in dozens of trading algorithms and strategies…

Finally, after years of testing and retesting, we’ve discovered a predictive “tell” that can tip off the little guy to upcoming Wall Street moves.

At first, I could hardly believe our results…

Our tests showed us that earlier this year, you could have watched a simple $1,000 turn into…

$4,090 from Roku in 10 days

$5,110 from MRTX in 11 days

$7,000 from FL in 13 days

$10,930 from FIVE in 14 days

The list goes on. It’s staggering. And these explosions were so predictable, you could set your watch by them.

How does it work? In two days, I’m going LIVE to share the big reveal with my insiders only, and you have to be there.

Join me live on Wednesday, October 23 at 1 p.m. Eastern

Stop letting Wall Street strangle your portfolio. Clear your schedule for this premier event. You’ll look back on this as the week that changed everything.