The major indices are up premarket and we finally have a debt ceiling bill in place. 

Friday’s big report is the employment situation, and payrolls rose by 339,000 for May, much better than the 190,000 Dow Jones estimate. It was the 29th straight month of positive jobs growth. 

Unemployment ticked up to 3.7% versus an estimate of 3.5%. 

I like to get into algos on Fridays, so we’ll take a deep dive into that and more in today’s video!

In this morning’s stock market recap video, we’ll cover what sectors algos are taking down and which ones are most vulnerable… whether bonds are ready to go higher or revert lower… if health care stocks a buy or a hold… if  utilities are ready for upside action… an update on the Chinese economy and a BIG red flag with tech stocks you need to watch out for!

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P.S. Thursday was WILD… Last Bootcamp Before the Weekend

I hosted a live bootcamp session Thursday that I believe was one of the most content-rich workshops of my career.

But that was yesterday… 

And we still had hundreds of traders that weren’t able to attend… 

So I’m hosting the workshop one more time at 1:30pm ET TODAY, June 2! 

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In the bootcamp, I’ll dive deep into:

  • The five most popular indicators.
  • The “M-Spike” and how to spot it on your charts.
  • The research behind the “M-Spike.”
  • A list of top 12 performing tickers for “M-Spikes.” 
  • “M-Spike Bull versus M-Spike Bear.”
  • The Four-Day Flip strategy.

I hope to see YOU there at 1:30pm ET TODAY! 

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