It’s a stock picker’s market right now, and that’s good news for traders like us…

In terms of momentum, technology and consumer discretionary stocks are on opposite sides. Tech is #1, while discretionary is #9.

That means markets are fragmented — so you need to be extra selective with your trading. It’s not the time to buy an index and just hope it goes up. You’ve gotta stay nimble and only trade the best setups. What to do? Check this out…

In today’s video, I’ll tell you all about fragmented markets, how to trade them, AND I’ll give you one of the hottest picks going right now.

Want even more picks? I have three more that are about to explode, plus all the details you need to help you squeeze every last drop of profit out of these trades, including entries, exits, price targets, etc. 

No one else is watching these, but we’re ready to strike. Are you ready? 

What to Expect as FAANG Stocks Prepare to Report

What to Expect as FAANG Stocks Prepare to Report

The major indexes slumped as investors brace for a busy week of earnings and the Federal Reserve’s latest interest rate announcement — and more in Monday’s stock market recap. The Federal Open Market Committee meeting starts on Tuesday, with the Fed expected to...

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