Today, we’re talking about momentum stocks. They’re fun to trade and we’ve seen some huge gains from these plays.

I’ve received your emails asking for more momentum training videos, so here you go…

This lesson could be the most important of all: How to tell when a stock is still gaining momentum, or if it has reached its peak.

This can change everything for your trading, so pay close attention and have a notepad handy.

Also, I have BIG news. There’s something I’ve been working on for years… and after all this time, it finally “clicked.” It’s the code that turned $10,000 into $3.89 million.

I can’t blame you if you think that sounds crazy. My Jump Trades partner, Rob Booker, is skeptical, too. So he’s interviewing me on Saturday (Sep 28) at noon Eastern. I’m expecting an onslaught on tough questions — so I’m bringing in an arsenal of real results that will prove it to him.