Earlier this week, the Fed announced they’d hold interest rates near zero until the end of the year to help the economy recover from the pandemic.

But little did they know, it triggered something even better… 

Mortgage application volume is out of this world! In fact, the index recently rose to its highest levels since January as purchase activity grew 13% from the previous year. 

And as you might have guessed by now, when mortgage applications pick up, companies that generate mortgages (just like these) also tend to do well… 


The government stimulus bill has created tons of market activity… and countless stocks could be ready to shoot through the roof…

In fact, it’s causing individual stocks to pop as much as 2,812%… seemingly out of the blue.

While very few investors know how to spot these trades, the system I’m about to reveal has the power to spot them early… giving you the potential to execute them perfectly! 

Thanks to the biggest stimulus bill in U.S. history, the biggest opportunities are just around the corner. 

You could see returns of… 464% from ACLS… 627% from HEES… and even 2,812% from NTHC!

Use this crisis to your advantage!