There’s no question that stocks are overbought. Even the most ardent bull will admit that. 

But something traders don’t talk about enough is valuation. And from the point of view, blue-chip stocks are historically expensive. 

As you can imagine, overbought and overvalued stocks don’t make for great upside trades.

But there are pockets of value left in the market. In fact, the index that tracks the market’s most explosive stocks is cheap and is just now breaking out. 

How explosive are these stocks? Well a few of them are already up 44%72%… and even 126% within the last five trading sessions.

Here’s my favorite way to trade them… 

In fact, the current market conditions are perfect for small companies … and after consolidating for about a year, they are breaking out RIGHT NOW. 

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It only holds the top-rated small caps (updated weekly) and has proven to generate options-like returns without any of the hassle.

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