The new year is finally here and I’ve been receiving a ton of emails asking me the same exact question. “Roger, how can you make an income in the markets?”. 

The Fed keeps lowering rates and they’re doing this because the economy doesn’t have a 100% certainty of growing. 

In fact, interest rates are now near historic lows and in some parts of the world — interest rates are even in the negatives. 

But there’s one underlying problem… in the best case scenario, it looks like we’re five years away from interest rates being 5%, 6%, or even 7%. 

If interest rates are below these percentages, it would be impossible for any trader — unless their extremely wealthy and can diversify their portfolio — to sustain any type of steady trading income. 

That’s a huge problem…

And it’s the main reason why I want to expose you to one income strategy that could give you the highest percentage of income per risk in the shortest amount of time. 

To generate massive amounts of income in this market, you need to get creative. 

And my friend and fellow trader Rob Booker just developed a new strategy that allows you to collect $1,050 (or more) every Monday morning. 

It is extremely easy to use. All it takes is three clicks of the mouse, and the income gets transferred into your account instantly.