The Flash Crash continues… with the S&P 500 falling another 5% and officially entering into a bear market.  

And many traders just lost a lot of cash, fast. They’re hurting, and I can sympathize with them. 

You see, I lost a significant amount of capital during the Flash Crash of 2005. It completely changed my perspective on the stock market. 

In fact, it taught me a number of different things about my portfolio and trading in general — like even when I’m trading the best stocks I still need to hedge my positions. 

It’s a principle that I still practice till this day… 

That’s why I want to show you an example of why this is so important. Today I’m going to break down how I not only protect my portfolio, but make money during and after massive crashes. 

Over the last two weeks I’ve been using a secret weapon that’s kept me safe during this crazy market. 

And on Thursday at 1 p.m. ET I’m going LIVE to show you the exact method I’ve been using and why Flash Crashes actually offer traders enormous opportunity. 

As a bonus I’m even including my #1 Fast Cash stock — that’s something you do not want to miss.