I did something a little different yesterday. Instead of giving you my hottest stock recommendations, I explained why algorithmic trading is so important and how you can use it to your advantage. 

The feedback has been positive so far, so I thought I’d take it one step further… 

When I typically use big words like “algorithm” and “mechanically,” most traders and investors ask the same three questions: What does that mean? How does it work? And what parts make up these trading systems? 

If you found Wednesday’s video helpful, then you’re really going to like this one. I’m explaining exactly how I trade my algorithmic trading system.

What Goes Into an Algorithmic Trading System 

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Head Trader Roger Scott

Technical trading systems used to be pretty simple in the old days… 

Traders would only have an entry point and an exit point. It was a linear type of strategy — like “buy when the particular stock you’re trading breaks above its 20-day high” and “sell when the stock takes out a 90-day high.” 

(Disclaimer: I just made up those rules this second for the sake of giving an example.)

The point is that you’re able to analyze the stock market based on what happened in the past using this data. 

But these mechanical and algorithmic trading systems have gotten a whole lot more complicated with time… 

Everyday traders and investors like you are now able to test multiple variables (like fundamentals and technicals) all within one algorithmic trading system. 

I’ll show you exactly how to do that in today’s video. Ideally, we’d start with technicals, or stocks that are making all-time highs…

Check out today’s analysis and leave a comment in the section below. After watching my last two videos, are you ready to invest in algorithmic trading? If so, I’d love to hear why. If you’re already utilizing this style of trading or my algorithmic trading system, let me know what you like about them below. 


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