Volatility is back, traders. At least it was this week. On Thursday morning, the rug got pulled out from underneath a lot of stocks and left a lot of traders asking, “What is going on?” Or more importantly… “What the heck do we do?”

Well, Future of Wealth Head Trader Lance Ippolito will tell you what to do: Put your ego aside and pay attention. Because he’s giving away, for free, some dips he’s buying during volatility.

The reason he’s telling you to put your ego aside is because he knows how a lot of traders are, including himself sometimes. They want to trade in large sizes and push it to the limit. He gets it.

But at times like this, when the market is at all-time highs and you’re trying to go all in, and the rug gets pulled from under you… Your account is going to suffer.

Which is why Lance has been talking to his members for WEEKS now about day trading and reducing risk.

So how does he do that? He goes contrarian. He looks for dips to buy during volatility.

Which Dips to Buy During Volatility and Why

The first thing Lance does when looking to reduce risk is look for stocks that are not directly correlated to the overall U.S. stock market.

He does this because he wants stocks that are going to perform in their own space and not fluctuate with the volatility when it inevitably increases. One such space is retail.

So, what are the retail dips to buy during volatility?

One that he talked about this week in his Blitz Market Color is The RealReal Inc. (Nasdaq: REAL). Twice they had to repeat call-buying, and Thursday it was up 4%. Boom. In the money, already on a day when volatility came back. 

Another advantage of being contrarian is that it gives him the chance to turn other people’s fear into profits. Now, as a note, he’s trading these stocks in small amounts because there is risk. But there’s also a chance at profits.

The obvious name here is one he talked about in a video earlier on in the week: Didi Global Inc. (NYSE: DIDI)

After China’s crackdown on the company following the stock’s IPO, investors who rushed to buy it at the offering suddenly wanted out… and the stock has yet to recover from all that selling. 

So he’s buying and hoping to profit off of that fear. 

We’re also seeing a good amount of worry as COVID-19 cases begin to rise again after the Delta variant…

And Lance has some stocks he likes there too, in case they’re wrong.

So check out Lance’s short video below to find out all of the best dips to buy during volatility and see how he’s reducing risk.

Let us know what you think in the comment section and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Plus, if you ring that bell you can always stay up to date with the latest market happenings.

P.S. What if there was a way to simplify trading? What if investors didn’t have to waste time poring over reports, financial documents and analyst opinions?

What if all that could just be tossed out?

Well, I say it can!

That’s mostly because all of those reports no longer matter…

You see, the only thing that does matter is this one simple line, and when a stock crosses that line… profits could soar! 

Want to see how?

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