A few days back, I gave you a list of my favorite momentum stocks to follow right now. Since then, my inbox has blown up! 

But instead of asking for more stock picks, many of you are now worried about the dangerous momentum levels that lie ahead. 

If you’re one of those traders, then today’s video is for you… and it could be the most important lesson yet. 


I recently received a small USB in the mail from legendary trader Tom Busby, and what’s on it has blown me away… 

I’ve seen a lot over the years working with different hedge funds and traders, but this is something else! 

Tom Busby has discovered a strange phenomenon that’s been causing hundreds of stocks to increase in value on the exact same day every single year….

I’m talking about stocks that explode as much as 350% on the same day, year after year. 

Click here to see the shocking details inside this tiny black device.