Could you imagine the world without a virus vaccine? Or even worse… the long-term impact that could have on the market? 

Heck, GDP is already expected to be down double-digits from the positive 2% we originally anticipated. 

But I’m not here to frighten you… 

You see, turmoil often breeds opportunity, and the race to find an effective cure is pouring an influx of capital into one very promising sector. 


Record volatility has some investors acting like gamblers with their retirement funds… chasing lost money… panicking and buying… 

It’s really sad! 

While casinos can be fun, you really should leave the gambling mentality at the door when you’re trading. 

If you can keep your head on your shoulders… and work a solid plan — like the one Jeff Zananiri is about to reveal — history shows that these markets are exactly where you can make a lot of your money. 

In fact, this phenomenon has already offered up opportunities to see gains like $12,870$13,509… and $20,380

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