The Nasdaq is down pretty big this morning, which is not random… 

Things just aren’t looking great right now when you take a peek under the hood. However, algos are hitting one sector particularly hard as they dump tech stocks.

Momentum is weakening and favoring the bears, and I believe we’re going to head lower with the market likely to give up the ghost next week…

Highlights in this morning’s “Premarket Must Watch” video:

  • 🐻 Momentum levels are favoring the bears.
  • 💸 The Fed is likely to raise rates again soon as the fight against inflation continues. 
  • 🏥 One sector I really like right now.
  • 📉 The European and Chinese economies are showing signs of weakness.
  • 📈 Trupanion and 3M have positive news while financial and energy stocks struggling

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