As the spotlight remains on the crisis outbreak in the U.S., many aren’t aware that things in China are beginning to return back to normal. 

And only the savviest investors are even thinking about investing in their companies. 

But as business begins to accelerate in China, there’s one stock I have my eye on… 

It’s currently the second strongest stock in the S&P 500 and one that I believe will continue to rise even if economic conditions in the U.S. continue to decline. 

So, please take notice of what I’m about to say as this stock could be on the rise in the next couple of months. 

Thanks to the pandemic, the stock market is in full-blown panic mode… 

That’s just what Wall Street and the big institutional investors want — they’re banking on the fact that it’ll cause millions of retail traders to freak out and buy/sell at exactly the wrong time. 

It gives them the opportunity to take advantage of every day traders… 

Until now. 

Josh Martinez and I have developed a strategy called Smart Money Spikes that allows you to protect your trading portfolio and place yourself on the winning side.