There’s a lot to discuss this week, the most important of which is probably the energy market…

I mentioned just over a week ago that energy looked ready to start running higher. And in the past week or so, boy oh boy did we run up! 

Just check out how much we’ve run up to start the month of June…

OPEC also just announced another production cut, which could cause energy prices to spike even higher. 

Check out this morning’s video and I’ll give you a crucial price level to watch. 

We also have important data to cover this week, beginning Monday morning with the Purchasing Managers’ Index.

I also expect volume to really start picking up, so let’s discuss!

In this morning’s stock market recap video, we’ll cover the stocks that are reporting this week and what to expect from their volatility… which sectors are set to rise higher and which ones are set to sink lower… if the rally in the energy sector is sustainable… if the downside sell-off in bonds going to continue…  and how to take advantage of oversold blue chips and overbought tech stocks right now!

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