After Tesla and Netflix earnings failed to give Wall Street what it was looking for, tech has been selling off…

But is it a pullback or the beginning of a bigger downturn? 

The tech sector and the Nasdaq opened trading Thursday down, and then headed lower all day… While it’s up this morning, we don’t have any major catalysts as far as earnings, so I expect we’ll see blue-chip stocks begin to take the lead. 

The Financials, Industrials and Energy sectors have been heading higher for the past month, and I expect that to continue. 

In Friday’s all new “Premarket Must Watch,” I’ll cover if  tech stocks are due for another round of selling pressure… which stocks algo traders are busy hitting hard? Whether the overall market has a catalyst to trade higher? What will today’s earnings do for the market? Three stocks that are up or down over 30% pre-open ready for big moves!

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