Today I’m going to tell you about one of the most famous trading strategies ever.

It was used by a small group of inexperienced traders to make millions of dollars. It’s an inspiring story, but it’s what happened next that I find most fascinating.  

You see, I ended up trading with one of those previously “inexperienced” traders. And we ended up making a ton of money… but not how you imagine. 

 Let me start from the beginning… 

I hope this video helped you understand why it’s usually more lucrative to go against the crowd. 

If something as simple as buying a stock after a moving average crossover consistently worked, don’t you think the Goldman Sachs of the world with billions on the line would be all over it? 

The reality is that 99% of popular strategies are broken… 

And that’s why I teamed up with Josh Martinez to develop a strategy that bets against “dumb money” — investors following outdated strategies. 

But the replay is coming down soon, so click below to watch it now!