2020 is one of the wildest years Wall Street has seen. 

The coronavirus pandemic closed most parts of the world and its economies. However, as the stock market continues to recover, some of the fastest-gaining growth stocks stand to benefit immensely.

A growth stock is a stock that’s anticipated to grow at a significantly faster rate than the average company within the same industry. These stocks tend to generate substantial and sustainable positive cash flow. 

Even though it’s uncertain which direction the market may go next, there’s a strong chance that the fastest-gaining growth stocks will exceed all expectations. And with the U.S. Federal Reserve keeping interest traits near zero, it’s the perfect time for growth companies to borrow cheaply and expand fast.

The 3 Fastest-Gaining Growth Stocks 

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Head Trader Roger Scott

Just in case you need a reminder, we’re only three weeks away from election day. And most stocks — as well as traders and investors — are holding a wait-and-see pattern that could persist until the name of the next U.S. president is announced on November 3. 

In other words, the majority of the country is waiting on the sidelines until we find out who’s going to land in the White House before taking any action. 

However, a handful of stocks are showing major resilience and strength, continuing to buck the overall sideways trend and this choppy stock market

These companies are what I like to call “momentum stocks.” 

And today, I’m giving away three of the fastest-gaining growth stocks you won’t want to just trade over the next few quarters, but possibly hold forever. 

All three tickers are showing remarkable relative strength, strong sentiment and great technical trading action — three important factors  that go a long way, especially if you plan to hold them instead of just trading them over a period of two or three weeks. 

Check out today’s video and then leave a comment below, sharing your thoughts on the fastest-gaining growth stocks I just revealed. Have you ever traded these tickers before, and how did it turn out? If not, would you consider trading any of these stock recommendations or even add them to your watchlist?