When I was a teenager back in the day, I loved watching television programs and movies about the future. 

They would talk about three-dimensional (3D) video games, self-driving cars and robots that could have conversations. It was like a distant dream out of a Buck Rogers movie or even a comic book. 

But as investors and traders, how can we target real tangible winners with virtual reality stocks? 

The answer? Traders who want to make some bucks in this sector should consider buying these two virtual reality stocks… 

Target Real Gains With These Two Virtual Reality Stocks 

Fast forward four decades, and we’ve seen virtual reality technology become a proven business model. 

In fact, it’s projected to enter a phase of explosive growth… 

In 2019 alone, the virtual reality market was worth about $10.7 billion. But just five years later in 2024, virtual reality is on track to hit $72.7 billion — that’s an annual growth rate of about 46.6%!

But the most amazing part is that virtual reality can be implemented on devices — like a smartphone, headset or on a display such as a car’s windshield — to help you navigate your life with the power of a computer every step of the way. 

And at this point in time, virtual reality is being used to create special effects in video games, online shopping, education, healthcare and industrial applications… and we’re still just at the tip of the iceberg in terms of where technology will take us over the next decade. 

So in today’s video, I want to highlight two virtual reality stocks that are moving up in the space, and will be instrumental in driving the industry forward. 

If you’ve been keeping up with my videos over the past few months, the first ticker shouldn’t be any surprise. I’ve talked about it plenty of times before. 

Check out my latest video and leave a comment in the section below. Did you ever watch virtual reality shows growing up? If so, which one was your favorite? Have you ever considered trading virtual reality stocks before? And after watching today’s video, are you going to add either virtual reality stock I mentioned to your portfolio?

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