As health care — like most aspects of our daily lives — becomes more and more digital, the future looks bright for top telehealth stocks. 

While some people might shrug off telemedicine as a makeshift measure during the COVID-19 pandemic, new studies prove that virtual medical care could hold on much longer than the virus. 

In fact, a recent survey with more than 1,800 participants on revealed that 83% of patients are likely to use telemedicine and virtual appointments after the pandemic resolves. 

For traders and investors looking to keep their portfolio fit and healthy, here are two top telehealth stocks you have got to see… 

2 Top Telehealth Stocks to Cash in on the Second Wave of COVID-19

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Head Trader Roger Scott

It looks like COVID-19 is rearing its ugly head once again… 

According to data out of Europe, countries like Belgium, Germany, and the Czech Republic could soon be overwhelmed by soaring case numbers and infections. 

Public health officials also warn that COVID-19 cases in the U.S. are also likely to increase as the traditional flu season approaches and Americans spend more time inside during the colder winter months.

In fact, CVS Health Corp (NYSE: CVS) said it’s hiring 50,000 new workers and giving bonuses to employees who are required to work on-site during the COVID-19 pandemic. Right now, the drugstore chain has more than 6,000 drive-thru testing sites and has conducted about 5 million coronavirus tests. 

The company’s competitor, Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc (Nasdaq: WBA) said it’s continuing to evaluate staffing requirements to ensure its teams can support the administration of COVID-19 tests and vaccines once available. 

The bottom line is that wave 2 could be on it’s way…

And if that’s the case, there’s going to be an uptick in demand for in-person and virtual medical care. At the moment, I’m seeing massive potential upside in these two top telehealth stocks…

When you’re done watching today’s video, share your thoughts in the comment section below. Are these two tickers you’d be interested in buying? Have you traded any other top telehealth stocks or health care names during the coronavirus pandemic? If so, let me know which ones you like. 


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