Ever since the coronavirus pandemic sent shock waves through the stock market, one of the fastest industries to bounce back has been technology…

And as long as you’re looking in the right place, top-notch technology stocks aren’t that tough to find. 

So if you’ve got some extra cash sitting in your pockets and are ready to put it to work in the market, check out the two top technology stocks I’ve got for you today…

2 Top Technology Stocks Bucking the Trend 

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Head Trader Roger Scott

All jokes aside, the U.S. presidential election that was supposed to end Tuesday night continues to drag on, and may end up being a drama that resolves in the courts. 

Ouch. I hate when that happens. 

But despite that, the Nasdaq has had some of its best days in months. On Wednesday, it closed with a gain of 3.85%. 

And it’s not just the Nasdaq — technology stocks are also looking exceptionally strong right now… 

Technology stocks have proven they have the potential to deliver incredible returns. And the biggest factor that drives technology companies is innovation, or what I like to call disruptive technology. 

By nature, technology companies are innovators. In other words, they’re companies that can solve problems nobody else can. 

Just look at products like the iPhone, smart speakers and even video streaming services we take for granted today.

Or what about Tesla Inc (Nasdaq: TSLA)? The speculative nature of what’s possible continues to drive investors and traders into buying the stock. That’s even despite the fact that the company would never pass muster with Warren Buffett or other value investors on a fundamental level. 

With that in mind, I’ve decided to give away two top technology stocks with major developments in the works. Both of these companies are changing the way we live and work. 

And again, both of these top technology stocks shouldn’t be impacted too much by the election. They’re actually driven by consumer demand and technology, not by politics. 

After you watch the video below, leave a comment in the section below. Have you had luck trading technology stocks? If so, what are your favorite tickers? Would you consider trading either one of the top technology stocks I mentioned in today’s video? 


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