Election news, the Capitol Hill riot, looting and a new Democratic presidency has resulted in a huge uptake of sales for firearms… and a surge in two gun stocks for 2021. 

It’s pretty well known that the Democratic Party favors gun control. That’s the main reason why we’re seeing such a huge surge in gun sales — people want to buy guns now while they can still exercise their Second Amendment rights and before more gun control laws can emerge.  

And as COVID-19 vaccines continue to roll out, we should also see an increase in consumer spending in the near future (hopefully).

Even if we were to continue on with the stay-at-home environment in 2021, that could end up boosting gun sales as well. When you’re stuck at home all day, the last thing you want to have to worry about is compromising your protection. 

2 Explosive Gun Stocks for 2021

gun stocks for 2021We have a new administration… a Democratic administration.

And typically when you have a switch over from a Republican president to a Democratic one, there tends to be a huge spike in gun sales.

The reason for this is that a lot of Americans become fearful that Democrats will restrict their gun rights — which has happened before, so it’s not an unreasonable concern.

And while I have a lot of opinions on this matter, I like to back them up with facts. A great proxy for the gun market is how many gun background checks the FBI performed in the previous year.

Check this out: Between November and December of 2020, there were 2 million more background checks performed. That’s more than a 37% uptake.

That means that there were 37% more background checks done in the last two months of 2020 than the entire year because more and more people want guns. And if that isn’t enough to convince you that guns are a hot commodity now, there were more background checks in the months through September than all of 2019.

 It was indeed a busy year for all things “gun.”

So today I want to give you two stocks that should largely benefit from the massive uptick in gun sales that has already started.

If you’d like to reveal the tickers for the two gun stocks for 2021 on my list, then tune into today’s video and be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts in the section below. 

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