Markets were weak Monday, but things are looking up this morning…

We had Walgreens earnings this morning and the company slashed guidance due to lower consumer demand and a slowdown in COVID care demand. 

We have General Mills, Micron and others coming up on Wednesday. Nike reports on Thursday, and that should set the tone for Consumer Discretionary stocks. 

The tech sector has been falling steadily, four of the past six days… It looks like the party’s over, and I expect more downside ahead. The Communications Services sector looks almost exactly the same…

We need to come back down to oversold levels before we can even think about going higher… 

All that and more in this morning’s Premarket Must Watch!

In today’s brand new video briefing, I’ll cover the next major catalyst for the stock market… the Federal Reserve reports we need to pay close attention to this week… one sector that’s losing steam and one that’s heating up… three stocks that need to be sold right now (one is the weakest QQQ stock)… and three stocks to go long right now for a possible upside surprise!

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