As we look to 2021, one thing that keeps WealthPress trader Jeff Yastine up at night is the speculative fervor we’re seeing in the stock market. It’s really easy to make money right now — too easy. And that’s actually a problem…

So Jeff likes to keep some “below the radar” stocks for 2021 in his watchlist that aren’t everyone’s favorite picks quite yet. 

And he has one in mind that he sees rising 50% in 2021. 

Of course, it doesn’t mean a below-the-radar stock like that can’t go down. But if he’s done his homework correctly, this stock has a shot at outperforming if the market keeps going higher. And if things head south and the bubble bursts, this stock might go down less than more highly speculative ideas. 

So what kind of “below the radar” stocks would Jeff look at? 

1 Below-the-Radar Stock for 2021

Ideally, we’re talking about a company that has a presence in some of the hottest growth sectors of the economy:

  • Wind and solar.
  • Battery storage.
  • 3D printing.
  • Health technology.
  • “Back to normal” post-pandemic economy.
  • Undervalued stock off most traders’ radar.

And Jeff has a great below-the-radar stock idea for 2021 that checks off every single thing on his list. He thinks we’ll see this stock rise from $10 to at least $15 — a jump of over 50% in the coming year. 

Looking out to 2022, this stock could even make it to $20 or $25 a share as investors warm up to it. 

So check out Jeff’s short video and let’s dive into one below-the-radar stock for 2021. Then share any stocks you think are below the radar in the comments below. Do they meet the checklist above? 

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