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Listen, I’ve created dozens of successful trading systems over the past 25 years.

Some of them were designed to handle millions of dollars and couldn’t be used by the average Joe.

But now there’s an epidemic loose in our country…

Regular, hard-working Americans are being forced to retire poor. And it’s not right.

According to a new report from the Federal Reserve Board, 40% of Americans might have to sell their car just to cover a $400 emergency expense.

And half the potential retirees in the country have less than $5,000 saved.

It’s become impossible for me to stand by while this happens.

By taking the time to understand the financial markets and what this epidemic means, it tells me that you are serious about making a change in your life...

You’re exactly the type of person I’d like to help to have a better future and a richer retirement.

That’s why, for the first time ever…

I’ve recorded my most powerful income secrets for you in a brand-new guide that’s only available on this page...

It’s called The Income Manifesto: A Former Hedge Fund Manager’s Guide to Collecting Regular Income.

These are income secrets that are perfect for the average Joe who wants to create and grow an endless stream of passive income and compound it like clockwork…

So they can live the retirement of their dreams.

Secrets Like:

How to collect income no matter what is happening in the markets.

There is one type of investment that has continually paid out more and more money every year for the past 25 years… Not ONE single decrease!

How to receive regular cash payouts courtesy of PRIVATE companies…

This includes big, nation-wide brands like Chick Fil-A, 7-Eleven, and LA Fitness!

The single biggest mistake new investors make when choosing where to put their money.

This will hurt your head if you’ve been doing this.

How to easily get paid twice from a single investment…

Without any complicated options strategy or using margin.

How to collect a share of bookings from hotels, private resorts, and even beach clubs…

Without ever purchasing a single piece of real estate!

Get “tipped” every month by some of your favorite restaurants…

no bussing tables required!

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I want to do everything I can to make sure you succeed.

That includes setting yourself up for easy, recurring streams of income that you can always depend on for life.

The Income Manifesto has everything you need to get started making real cash right away...

But I don’t just want to hand you the guide and wish you luck… That’s a recipe for failure.

I want to offer you more support than that…

A way for us to stay in touch so can I guide you along your journey.

That’s why I’ve created a brand-new service just for you called Endless Income.

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Here’s how it works…

Every month I’ll reach out with information about a new passive income opportunity that can help you collect regular income just like the rich.

I’ll even include in-depth research and analysis, which will give you a real edge over the rest of Mainstreet investors.

It’s important to have an experienced ear to the ground on your behalf…

Because the world is rapidly changing all the time – economically and politically…

Government shutdowns and trade wars aren’t even surprising folks these days…

But with Endless Income, you’ll have direct access to the best and latest income strategies and information from a former hedge fund manager and millionaire trader, right at your fingertips.

“I am up $3,100 at this moment and have never made this kind of money in the last 6-7 years of trading”
Craig Johnson


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David McCleary

North Carolina

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Jeff Sandberg

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These are ordinary folks just like you…

And they have experienced extraordinary success by following my advice.

Obviously, access to Endless Income is worth at least the thousands of dollars it could easily make you every month.

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With both of these resources at your disposal, I’m confident you’ll soon be collecting regular, endless income like clockwork.

I don’t want you to think I’m just blowing smoke here.

I’ve made it my life’s mission to help the regular Joe gain the same kind of financial independence enjoyed by the 1%.

The secret isn’t too complex, it’s just about staying the course.

Which is why I will be hosting a monthly call for one hour where I will update you on important trends in the markets and even answer your questions.

Obviously, I could bill thousands of dollars for coaching calls, as most folks try to do…

But I want you see how dedicated I am to my mission and to your success.

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I know you’re committed to living the retirement of your dreams…

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The Income Manifesto:

There is one type of investment that has continually paid out more and more money every year for the past 25 years… Not ONE single decrease!

12 Issues of Endless Income:

Every month I will send you an issue covering the biggest opportunities for easy and endless income. When my research team and I discover an opportunity that qualifies,

I will send you an urgent alert with all my analysis… AND all the instructions you need to start collecting your money. These will be the very best opportunities on the market. Already fully researched, then delivered straight to your inbox. A $99 Value.

Monthly Market Calls With Me, Roger Scott, the Endless Income Specialist:

The markets are always shifting. Politics are a mad house. But your income should be stable. These calls will help keep you grounded and keen on what trends are important. The calls last one hour so feel free to bring questions. Or just kick back and absorb key insights that give you an edge in income. A $599 Value.

Access to the Endless Income
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Special Access to Endless Income Support Squad:

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