We still don’t have a victor in the most polarizing election, maybe of all time.

It seems that Mr. Trump is losing ground, and Mr. Biden is on the brink, but the country is still counting votes…

What is the market telling us, and where are the current opportunities for traders/investors?

Some historical themes to keep in mind:

  • The S&P 500 has risen after the last seven out of 10 presidential elections.
  • The sector that has benefited the most postelection has been the industrial sector.

Want some actionable data to go along with those themes?

We have performed some statistics and have found several stocks that are outperforming the market (some by a factor of 10:1). We have also found two stocks that have outperformed the market in the 60 days following the election since 1960…

Watch the interview to find out the stocks gearing up to win big from this current election.