The electric vehicle (EV) sector has a market capitalization over $1.2 trillion right now and nothing but growth in its future. But an investor can’t just buy any old EV stock and give themselves a pat on the back… They need to be smart and find EV stocks with the most potential to move higher. 

Major corporations — experiencing FOMO, looking to save money or wanting the positive press — are now joining the fray of EV and electric battery producers.

And (un)fortunately investors will have a ton of EV makers to choose from. To put it more in perspective, there will be over 500 EV models available globally by 2022. 

So which EV stocks should investors focus on? Well, the EV stocks with the most potential upside, of course!

2 US EV Stocks With the Most Potential Upside

In this video, the Future of Wealth’s Lance Ippolito is going to cover two EV stocks with the most potential upside that you don’t typically hear mentioned when talking about electric cars: Ford and GM.

Now to be totally transparent, Lance is a Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) guy.

Have you seen the 2021 Ford F-150 yet? Lance never believed in love at first sight… until he laid his eyes on that beaut. 

This year is the F-150’s first gas-electric hybrid model. Ford says the PowerBoost could easily out-tow a Ram 1500 — we’re talking about 430 horsepower and 570 pounds per foot of torque, baby!

And what a move on this stock lately, too. He’s been trading in and out of Ford with his Weekly Blitz Alert members with a surprising amount of success — even for him! The daily chart on this stock has been beautiful, we’re at 52-week highs right now and Lance sees a bullish run coming along.

While he’s singing the praises of Ford, can we talk about its new Mustang coming out? 

Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s also giving EV king Tesla a run for its money. 

Ford’s electric Mustang Mach-E seems to be one of the main reasons Tesla Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) is losing market share in 2021. Tesla’s share in the U.S. market fell from 81% to 69% in February. 


Now as for General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM), have you been paying attention to this stock’s recent moves?

Traders, you’re in for a treat…


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